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Armacell is the global market leader in the manufacturing of flexible technical insulation materials, including Armaflex closed cell flexible elastomeric foams. The closed cell thermal insulation foams providing an in-built water vapor barrier for superior condensation control and protection against Corrosion Under Insulation – CUI. It’s cryogenic and mid range temperature insulation systems (between -180°C to +125°C) able to prevent freezing and heat losses / gains on industrial process. The covering and cladding systems able to protect installations against UV, grease, oil, salt water, mechanical impact and chemical attack. The superior material also provides good acoustic insulation for the reduction of hazardous noise levels from process equipment.

For use in Oil & Gas / Petrochemical Industrial Armacell Engineering System (ES) provide insulation system for:

Thermal Insulation
Acoustic Insulation
Thermal Acoustic Insulation

For refrigeration, HVAC, Building & Construction and Marine, Armacell can offer Armaflex products that meet your requirements i.e. Armaflex Class O, Armaflex NH.

Armaflex comes in tubular and sheet for ease of installation.

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